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We are a caricature company founded in 2012 in Santa Cruz, California. We wow visitors to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with our crazy caricaturing skills and are excited to now serve a wider online audience.


Why Digital Caricatures?

Digital caricatures are an awesome, modern take on the traditional caricatures we all know and love. Just make your order and send us your photos - we can draw as many people as you like!


We create one-of-a-kind works of art that are 100% personalized! 


We use digital tools to bring your faces to life. Order a digital caricature that you can share on social media, use as a fun profile pic, or as a keepsake for your family and friends. You can even print it out and frame it! Best of all, we are pandemic-compatible - you don’t need to be physically present to get a digital caricature!


Our artists are trained to be fast and create artwork that make you smile. 

We can’t wait to draw you!


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