Give the gift of Caricature

Welcome to our online marketplace for memorable custom digital caricatures of you and your loved ones!


From customizable options to quick turnaround times, not to mention eye-catching, high-quality artwork, we've got it all! 

Laurel did an amazing job capturing what we love about each other. The amount of detail and likeness she saw and created in the 10 minutes she was drawing us is absolutely incredible. It's our favorite picture of us.

Amy S.

Cali Caricature does amazing work!! The artists are so talented and friendly and not only give you a great piece of art and memory but make it fun in the process. Not only have I had great experiences with them at the Boardwalk but we also booked them for an event at our roller derby game. In the time that Emma Tipping, the owner, created a fun and one-of-a-kind experience for our fans. I would book her and Cali Caricature as a unique experience for future parties and events I host and will continue to visit their booths at the Boardwalk.

Regan E.

My boyfriend (now fiancée) proposed to me using Cali Caricature. Emma drew a picture of him proposing to me and when she showed us the picture I turned and saw him down on one knee with the ring! We had such an amazing experience and the staff was so excited and welcoming! We will definitely be coming back to get anniversary caricatures.

Mila P.

Not only did Aimee do a wonderful job on our picture, she was very polite and funny. She made us feel very comfortable the second we walked up to her booth. Every time we come to Santa Cruz we are going to make sure this will be at the top of our must do list! THANK YOU AIMEE & CALI CARICATURE! 

Vicki H.

What is Operation Lemonade?

The COVID-19 pandemic has served us all with the biggest, juiciest lemon that we’ve seen in quite some time. Our seasonal business is at a total standstill. Our hiring and development of local talent have been paused. Instead of delighting and entertaining on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, we're at home, like you.

But wait! Cali Caricature is a staff of amazing creatives!

How do we entertain our guests during a pandemic?

Make Lemonade, of course!

Our response to the COVID-19 crisis is by launching our online store where guests from all over the world can order digital caricatures for their friends and family from the safety of their own homes. 

Peace and lemonade for all.


Why Digital Caricatures?

Digital caricatures are an awesome, modern take on the traditional caricatures we all know and love. Just make your order and send us your photos - we can draw as many people as you like!


We create one-of-a-kind works of art that are 100% personalized! 


We use digital tools to bring your faces to life. Order a digital caricature that you can share on social media, use as a fun profile pic, or as a keepsake for your family and friends. You can even print it out and frame it! Best of all, we are pandemic-compatible - you don’t need to be physically present to get a digital caricature!


Our artists are trained to be fast and create artwork that make you smile. 

We can’t wait to draw you!

Who Wants a Digital caricature?

Your Mom. She totally misses you. A digital caricature of you laughing together will lift her spirits sky high. Oh, and throw in other beloved family members for extra brownie points.

Your Lover. Is that an awkward word choice? Anyway, post your cute couple drawing up on social media and brag about how insanely lucky you are.

Your far flung friends. What a total bummer that your annual group camping trip to Montana was cancelled this summer. Why not use all that money you saved to get a group caricature instead, so you can all share a laugh and look back on this crazy year with a smile. 🤪

Your dog. Ok, your dog won’t care about a digital caricature but YOU will love showing off your fluffy buddy on Instagram.

Your best friend. They might need a little love and support right now. We got you covered. Oh, and tell them we’re rooting for them.

Your face. You don’t need to wear a mask to get a digital caricature. Your face will thank you.

When DO I Want a Digital caricature?

Reason #1: You need a fun avatar that hilariously looks like you and will get you ALL the likes on social media.

Reason #2: You’ve been hiding under your bed for the last 4 months during quarantine and it’s time to remind the world who you are with a fresh look!


Reason #3: OMG you’re engaged, hooray! What a perfect way to make your announcement!

Reason #4: You forgot Bianca’s birthday and you have less than a week find the perfect gift!


Reason #12: Just because, so why not? I mean, you only live once!

Reason #831: There's too many great reasons to get one we can't even list them all! Well, what are you waiting for??

We are a caricature company founded in 2012 in Santa Cruz, California. We wow visitors to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with our crazy caricaturing skills and are excited to now serve a wider online audience.


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