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7 Ways to Share Your New Digital Caricature

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

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A digital caricature offers all the conveniences of sharing to social media and to your family and friends. You don't have to worry about scanning or editing the photo before you share it digitally, the file you receive will be ready to share as soon as you receive it! Here are a few suggestions!

1. Post your caricature drawing on Facebook or Instagram to share with your friends!

2. Use the drawing as your #quarantine profile pic to remind the world what you look like with a fresh look (and still keep wearing your sweatpants!).

3. Text or email your digital caricature to your friends and family to say hello, make them laugh, and start a conversation to catch up with each other!

4. Use your new digital caricature as a snazzy and unique Zoom meeting background or as a fun placeholder photo of your face when your webcam is turned off.

5. Print your digital caricature as postcards, and mail them as a surprise to your socially distancing loved ones (and give the USPS a little boost when you purchase some postcard stamps!)

6. Print your digital caricature in the form of a greeting card! Use it for a birthday card, Christmas card, or any holiday or season's greetings

greeting card photo print image fun cute couples drawing couple art love rainbow social media mail share caricature cartoon faces portrait love romantic
Cute 4x6 prints perfect for mailing with a greeting card!

7. Finally, print your digital caricature and put it in a lovely picture frame of your choice to hang up at home or in your office!

Our caricatures are drawn at a standard photo print size of 5"x7" with a print resolution of 300dpi, so the printed caricature will be a very high-quality print, especially on photo paper or card stock.

Each piece of caricature art that we create is personalized and drawn with care, capturing each person's likeness in a fun and appealing style. Our digital caricatures are produced with a super quick turn around time of just 3 to 5 business days!

**For a fully customized caricature option where you can request a specific body or theme not listed in our catalog fill out our quote form today!

To add extra flavor to your digital caricatures before sharing or printing, check out our blog post on how to use the Canva App to personalize your caricature even more!

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