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A Birthday Gift to Treasure

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

dinosaur caricature cartoon fun funny portrait faces caricatures digital drawing silly cake birthday gift
These party animals are ready for the caricature reveal!

Birthday caricatures are an awesome gift to receive no matter how old you are, and can be treasured forever. Our caricature artists capture not only the smile of the subject but more importantly, their personality! A fun idea for a birthday tradition is getting drawn every year in order to see a person's physical changes over time. Our cute and fun caricatures are sure to please, and the dramatic reveal of the caricature, whether it be printed and framed or loaded onto your TV screen, can be enjoyed by the whole family year after year!

If you've forgotten to get a birthday gift for a family member or your best friend and you're running out of time to find the perfect gift, you're in luck! Our digital caricatures are produced with a super quick turn around time of just 3 to 5 business days! Here are a few we have created: a dinosaur theme perfect for a budding paleontologist, a color cartoon portrait with a confetti celebratory background fit for any birthday party celebration, or a gorgeous rainbow background for the bright spot of sunshine in your life!

Each piece of caricature art that we create is personalized and drawn with care, capturing each person's likeness in a fun style, and will make a beautiful birthday memory for you and your loved ones!

**For a fully customized caricature option where you can request a specific body or theme not listed in our catalog fill out our quote form today!

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