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Family Caricatures: Fun for the Whole Family

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

We LOVE drawing family portraits. Families often get a group caricature drawing from us as a souvenir for their vacations, celebrate a birthday, or to commemorate other happy events. Sometimes we even see siblings pitching in together just to buy their mom and dad a special anniversary gift. Getting drawn together as a family is a unique way to capture the moment in a way that taking a simple family photo can't compare to. The great thing about family caricatures is that the differences in the personalities is exaggerated between each family member, while their physical similarities tie the whole drawing together. Every caricature artist has their own perspective and style in expressing these nuances, which is why families come back year after year to "update" their previous caricature drawing. Some families even request increasingly wackier themes for each successive year. When the caricature reveal happens, the family's glee and recognition on their faces of each family member mark the drawing as a successful caricature.

One of our artists can still remember a surprising moment in their early years of caricaturing. When approached by a family group of nine members who wanted to get drawn, their father reassured her by saying, "Don’t worry put all nine of us in, this isn’t our first rodeo. We've done this every year since the beginning of our marriage. We have them all lined up on a wall at home!” Families who appreciate caricatures enough to get one every year are awesome and we love you!! This is one of the many reasons we as caricature artists are honored to be a part of people’s lives in such a profound way.

Right now in the Era of Covid-19, family caricatures are a wonderful "thinking of you" gift idea to help bring cheerful smiles and raise spirits. Your family's caricature drawing can be sent to socially distancing friends or family, or even to loved ones who are in quarantine out of the country. This can be especially true for those who may have family in senior homes.

For family groups larger than 5 or between 6 to 9 members - we recommend ordering with a Caricature Portrait option rather than a body theme in order to be able to give each face room to shine. Each piece of caricature art that we create is personalized and drawn with care, capturing each person's likeness in a fun and appealing style. Our digital caricatures are produced with a super quick turn around time of just 3 to 5 business days! Give the gift of caricature today!

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**For a fully customized caricature option where you can request a specific body or theme not listed in our catalog fill out our quote form today!

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