Frequently Asked Questions

I. Description of Digital Caricature Products

Image Size:

  • Our digital caricatures are 5"x7" @ 300dpi. Prints a great 5"x7" photo.

  • Makes a great addition to your Facebook, Instagram, or sharing with friends. 

A. Color Face + Background: 

  • Original full-color drawing which includes your head and shoulders. 

  • Current backgrounds: Transparent, Flat Blue, Heart, Confetti, Rainbow, Galaxy.

  • Up to 9 Faces in a drawing.

  • Turnaround time 3-5 business days. 

B. The Works: 

  • Full Color with Body.

  • Current themes: Beach Bodies, Work From Home, Mer People, Dinosaurs, Camping. 

  • Up to 6 bodies in a drawing.

  • Turnaround time 3-5 business days. 

C. Custom Color Face + Body: 

  • 100% customizable and is completely original.

  • Turnaround time 2 weeks.

  • Fill out our Quote Form to tell us what you have in mind!

  • Prices begin at $250 per person.

D. Group Caricatures with 10 or more Faces per Drawing:

  • Draws a Crowd!

  • Turnaround time 2 weeks.

  • Fill out our Quote Form to tell us what you have in mind!

  • Prices begin at $350 per group.

Not sure what to choose or don't see what you're looking for? Please fill out either our quote formcontact form, or email us at

II. Tips for How to Take a Good Photo


1. Please make sure photos show the full head and shoulders.

2. Please NO group photos, we will not be able to identify who is who.

3. If a photo can be seen clearly on a computer full screen (laptop screen size is good enough). Great!

If it doesn't this may have an effect on the person's likeness as this photo will be our only reference.


4. To get the most out of the caricature please send clear photographs in good lighting. 

Please see examples below. 


Don't forget to smile! 

III. How to Order


Step 1.  

  • Decide how many drawings you would like to buy.

  • Then decide how many people will be in each drawing.  

Step 2.

  • Pick your desired caricature products. 

  • Add the number of people using "Quantity" in each drawing.

  • Check out and pay.

Step 3.

  • On the order confirmation, upload your photos on the “Image Upload Form”.​ 

  • Fill out 1 form per separate drawing.

  • The form will refresh itself on the same page once you hit "I'm Finished".

IV. General Questions


1. I made a mistake on my order. Who can I contact?

Please contact us asap or within 24 hours of paying for your order. Chances are that we may have started your order if you contact us after the 24-hour period. Use our contact form or email us at, with your order number as the subject line. 

2. I have a problem with the drawing I received. Who can I contact?

Please contact Customer Care by using our contact form or email us at, with your order number as the subject line. 

3. Help! I wasn't able to complete the Image Upload Form on my order confirmation page! Where can I go to?

Not to fear! The link to the Image Upload Form will also be included in your confirmation email of the order. Please see your email inbox for the link. Don't see it? Email us at with your order number as the subject line.

4. Why are you asking me about my gender and age on the Image Upload Form?

Since we are not physically in front of our customers, we want to make sure we do our best to capture our subjects accurately. Age and gender mishaps in a drawing can be embarrassing for both the artist and the recipients of the drawing, so specifying the age range and gender of each person helps us get it right the first time. We care about our customers, and while we cannot engage and interact with each customer as we have normally been able to do at our physical stand, we still want to produce a great product that our customers and their family and friends can enjoy for a long time. 


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