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A Unique Engagement Announcement

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

There are countless proposal ideas and ways to announce that you are engaged. It's getting harder to find a creative way that won't break the bank. At Cali Caricature, we are overjoyed that we can be a part of such an important moment in your life.

Our caricature artists at the stand have drawn it all when it comes to proposal drawings: a shy teen with their friend who they're about to ask to be their prom date when the cartoon drawing gets revealed, a nervous customer getting a cute couple drawing that will ask their partner if they'd like to become Facebook official, but our marriage proposal caricatures always take the cake- they're high-stakes drawings! We've got to figure out a secret way to tell bystanders not to accidentally give away the surprise, keep our own nerves down, and finish the drawing quickly before the proposer wimps out! Phew! But everything always turns out smoothly, and a teary-eyed and the happy couple get a joyful round of applause from the crowd that has gathered. Here's a fun throwback to one of these very proposals!

After the proposal comes engagement announcements, and we are here to help you! Though recreating the same feeling with a proposal caricature can be tough in the Era of Covid, our digital caricatures are the safest alternative to getting drawn in person. With a digital image, the possibilities are endless! Imagine this caricature: You and your newly engaged fiancée, a sparkling engagement ring, and “We’re Engaged!” written across the top. This cute drawing can be printed as postcards to send to all your family and friends. This would be a perfect way to commemorate the engagement and let your loved ones know with a little souvenir of their own. Not only that, but you can also print the image on all your RSVP cards when you set the date of your wedding!

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